Atomic Ranches in Bizarro World

This isn't a real estate blog so I don't talk about house listings too often. But I happened to see a listing in Crestview, a mid-century neighborhood in Austin, and I had to share because it's the Bizarro version of our atomic ranch.

It's a single story ranch with a similar mid-century modern color palette, just reversed.

It also has a Crestview Door, a Pasadena in green instead of our Westhaven in blue. And they have the same mid-century modern house numbers that I bought last weekend for a little DIY project (which I'll post about soon... hopefully.)

The interior mid-century paint color is the same shade of gray as our.

Their mid-century outdoor patio looks almost exactly like our carport, which we're still planning on making a livable space.

Something we don't have though, and I might steal the idea, is lights around the top.

I also might also steal the idea of painting the ceiling a bright mid-century modern color. That really makes it pop.

It's also a 3/2, like our place, but kitchen and bathrooms don't look much like ours. You can see the rest of the pictures here.


  1. Great house...I like a lot of the things they did to it.

    1. Yeah, they did some interesting things and some things that I like so much I'm going to copy. I really like the kitchen floor.

  2. Fabulous use of color, especially in the kitchen! Kitchen floor is fantastic!

  3. what colors did use for the exterior

  4. does anyone know what color of the exterior is