Mid-Century Modern IKEA

Like everyone else in Austin, I spent some time at IKEA over the long weekend. We got a few things that we needed (that you'll see in some before and after photos soon... hopefully), but I also spotted a few items that would look great in any mid-century modern home.

IKEA's built around that classic Swedish modern style, but I thought these items had a certain something that made them each special. And, unlike a lot of other IKEA stuff, you probably won't see them in every other modern home.

IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp, $89.99

GODIS MIX glasses in green, $6.99 for 6

ARVIKA swivel chair in Grann black, $499.00

FILLSTA floor lamp in white, $69.99


  1. Just saw the Arvika in person the other day. In the reddish-brown leather it looks pretty stunning.

    1. The brown one is pretty. But the black one reminds me of Kirk's captain's chair on Star Trek, so, as a giant nerd, I like it a little better.