Pantone Paint Universe at Lowes

I thought it'd be nice and easy to match Pantone colors with real-world objects, and then just use Pantone paint colors as mid-century wall colors. But it turns out that Pantone has stopped making their own paints and has partnered with Lowe's to bring 100 colors to every Lowe's store. The problem is that you can't match Pantone color chips to their paint colors anymore. They all have hardware store style names now instead of numbers, and they're limited in color. Sadly, what was once a great resource for the color perfectionist has become limited version for the general public.

Matching Real-World Objects to Pantone Colors

I don't know why I never thought of this, but Pantone is perfect for color matching real-world items. Luckily, Tiny PMS Match thought of it and has started a collection of photos doing just that.

It's a great idea for your mid-century home because you can take your favorite flower, a beloved knickknack or even a vintage magazine ad and turn them into mid-century modern paint colors for your wall. It will be especially easy if you use Pantone paint.

Memorial Day Mid-Century Shopping

I spent part of my Memorial Day doing something completely mid-century American, cleaning the garage. I spent the other part doing something I haven't done in a while, shopping Austin vintage stores.

I hit up Rave On Vintage for the first time (a new favorite), RemixologieUptown Modern, Room Service and Antique Marketplace (for the first time in a while).

I was looking for a large mid-century wall unit and didn't find anything. I now believe that wall units are the hardest thing to find in Austin (I've been looking for a while). Part of the reason I say that is because I saw a Moe Honeycomb light in person on my multi-store trip (at the Antique Marketplace)

It was a bit tarnished, but it was hanging there, which is more than I can say for the wall unit I was looking for.

Charlie Brown on Mid-Century Furniture

I never thought Charlie Brown thought much about mid-century furniture, but this 1953 comic proves otherwise. He's clearly forgotten about the old and moved in with the midcentury. And who can blame him when that midcentury includes an Eames molded plywood lounge chair, a Barwa lounger, a butterfly chair, some mid-century art on the wall, a pole lamp and tiki inspired drapes?

Mid-Century on Reddit

Reddit is a pretty solid time waster in my life, and I just found the mid-century subreddit so all my free time is now accounted for. If you don't know what Reddit is, it's a social network and news site where people share interesting things they find on the internet. And subreddit's limit those things to a specific topic, in this case mid-century stuff.

The mid-century subreddit is filled with people sharing photos of their mid-century homes, trying to identify unknown pieces and bragging about great garage sale finds. I'll be hanging out there a lot, especially if people keep posting truths like this:

Streamline Moderne and Mid-Century Modern

There's a style mid-century buildings that I refer to as Miami midcentury: big windows, round corners and lots of curves, stucco and doors with porthole windows. I call it Miami midcentury because I tend to see it when I'm visiting little beach towns, places along the coast or quant little dinners on vacation (and because I love alliteration). 

Turns out that style is actually called streamline moderne, and that it has more to do with art deco than anything midcentury. Although, it's probably more in the middle than an either/or proposition; it's the type of architecture that seems to perfectly bridge those two eras.

Late Night with Seth Meyers Desk and Chair

I like to think that mid-century furniture works anywhere. The clean lines, the rich wood tones, the beautiful legs. But the evolution of the Late Night with Seth Meyers set proves that's not the case.

The first Late Night with Seth Meyers desk was a classic example of a mid-century desk, but it was weird to see Seth roll around in his chair under the desk. And speaking of chairs, they had a gorgeous mid-century modern guest chair, but I think they ordered the children's size. 

Take 2: Seth got a solid desk so you couldn't see his feet dangling and his chair got an upgrade. They also upgraded to the adult size guest chair. But guests still looked a little uncomfortable.

So it was time to roll in the big plush chairs. And now it looks like a classic TV talk show set. And it looks a lot better. I guess late night shows are just a place that mid-century furniture doesn't work, which is weird because a lot of late night shows have a mid-century undertone and feel to them.

Cheap Midcentury Modern Planters

They're back, again. Target's Room Essentials planters have made a return. And again, I bought a few gray ones. They're still the best, inexpensive modern planters for my money.

This time red and teal blue accompany the ever present gray. I think either would add a nice pop of color in most midcentury modern homes, they just don't work with our mid-century color palette.

Mid-Century Modern Art Toy: Matte Dark Sapele Wood Grain Qee

If I have learned anything with my many Vintage Views interviews, it's to buy it when you see it or you're going to regret it for a long while. It's a lesson in mid-century furniture hunting that perfectly translates into mid-century modern art toy buying.

So when a dark sapele matte wood grain qee came up on ebay today (a search that I've been following for years without a single hit), I bought it within minutes. 

As quick as I was, there were already two watchers on the item. Perhaps they'll learn to buy it when they see it in the future.

Shining Carpet Pattern Doormat

Two years ago I was on the hunt for a new doormat and I decided I wanted a Shining carpet doormat. The only problem was that didn't exist. A friendly reader pointed out that my problem is solved. Mondo Tees (an Austin favorite) taking pre-orders for a doormat based on The Shining carpet pattern

It's a bit pricey for a doormat, but if it's a solid doormat that will last for years, it's well worth it.