Memorial Day Mid-Century Shopping

I spent part of my Memorial Day doing something completely mid-century American, cleaning the garage. I spent the other part doing something I haven't done in a while, shopping Austin vintage stores.

I hit up Rave On Vintage for the first time (a new favorite), RemixologieUptown Modern, Room Service and Antique Marketplace (for the first time in a while).

I was looking for a large mid-century wall unit and didn't find anything. I now believe that wall units are the hardest thing to find in Austin (I've been looking for a while). Part of the reason I say that is because I saw a Moe Honeycomb light in person on my multi-store trip (at the Antique Marketplace)

It was a bit tarnished, but it was hanging there, which is more than I can say for the wall unit I was looking for.


  1. You should just make your own wall unit. Did you see the one I made a while back?

    1. We've talked about making our own, and still might. But we're hopeful there's something out there that's a perfect fit - and willing to wait a little while longer. Nice job on yours though.