Best Mid-Century Austin Addition

Today we added the best addition we'll ever make to this house.
Part of the reason we bought this mid-century Austin home was because it was more kid friendly than our last place - the couple before us had two kids and it's on a low-traffic, dead-end street. And now we'll take full advantage of that.

Broyhill Premier Sculptra Collection

A few years back we bought a great 6 drawer Broyhill Premier Sculptra dresser on craigslist. At the time we didn't know anything about the Broyhill Premier Sculptra line we just liked the piece and needed a dresser. Then yesterday I was browsing a local vintage store's website and saw this picture:

It's the exact same handle as our dresser. So I did a little research (the wife would say a lot of research) and found out Broyhill Premier also made a Sculptra desk, which looks like this:

Since we've been looking for a new desk and since the dresser and desk will be in the same room, we went over an picked it up.

But that's not the end of the story, I learned way to much about the Broyhill Premier Sculptra line to not share. Broyhill Premier introduced the Sculptra collection in 1957 and continued making it into the early to mid 60s. Broyhill is probably best known for their Brasilia line but they've got a long rich history, the part that's important to the Broyhill Premier Sculptra collection is:
As the American population grew steadily more affluent throughout the 1950s, Broyhill recognized that tastes in furniture were shifting. In the past, buyers of moderately priced furniture had sought massiveness and elaborate embellishment, but the company's executives felt sophisticated styling and quality were becoming more important. In 1957, in an effort to meet this demand, the company established the Broyhill Premier line. The old Lenoir Chair Company plant was given over to production of these pieces, and a separate, additional sales force of 30 men was established. In addition, Broyhill began to institute a quality control program, complete with a lab, to insure that its Premier products lived up to their name. In 1958, Broyhill began an expensive national advertising campaign to support the introduction of its Premier products.

Although the new line won consumer acceptance, it did not turn a profit until the 1960s. Broyhill added upholstered products to its Premier line, as the concept began to bring in revenues. Once the Premier line had been established, the company grouped its remaining products under the label 'Lenoir House,' which included a variety of medium-priced, moderate styles of bedroom and dining room furniture that made up the bulk of the company's sales.

From what I can read on this Broyhill Premier Sculptra sales tag they advertised the line this way:

Sculptra has the variety and sophistication of an "import" look combined with the very much American versatility of use, adaptability to changes in living patterns and coordination, for today's room loves
by Broyhill Premier

Sounds like the perfect collection for our study.