Done: Fix bathroom knob

We have some wonderful mid-century door knobs on all the interior doors, but the bathroom handle was missing the screw that held it on. 20 minutes of wandering around the hardware store looking for the right kind/size and 5 seconds with a hex key, and it's fixed. The bathroom knob will never come off in someone's hand again.

Done: Cover all junction boxes

Another trip under the house and another job done. All of our electrical cords are protected from the elements because all of our junction boxes are covered now.

Fixed: Permanent extension cord

One of the notes on the inspector's report was that you shouldn't have extension cords hooked up to permanent wiring. I didn't know what this meant till I was under the house and noticed an extension cord. I gave it a tug and it was connected to something, a junction box. The cord had been cut and attached to the permanent wiring of the house. A little de-wiring and we're up to code.

Perry Estate

As the title of this blog suggests I try to keep things limited to our home and other mid-century Austin type things, but when big neighborhood news happens I've been known to deviate. This is one of those posts.

We might be welcoming a new, super-high-end boutique hotel to Hancock. It'd be on the Perry Estate, current home of the Sri Atmananda Memorial School. It could be a very interesting and wonderful use of the spot, especially if many of the historic elements of the original Perry mansion and property are respected.

In progress: Nursery art

We picked out the art for our travel-themed nursery. We went with some classic mid-century advertising art by David Klein.

Done: Kill nandina and vines outside

It took a few hours in the sun of brute force, hedge trimming and brush killer but the nandina against the backyard fence and the vines crawling up the fence are gone. It makes the backyard look a lot bigger and gives the plants we want back there room to breath and grow.

In progress: Nursery

The nursery is coming along. We've picked up a few accessories to with our white, modern crib and sheepskin rocker. A white toy box:
And a white shag rug: