Mastering the b. room

I took care a few small jobs in the master bathroom: I replaced the mirror and put on a new toilet seat. There was nothing wrong with the old toilet seat, it just wasn't our style - it looked like a shell. Same thing with the mirror, there was nothing wrong with it, we just didn't like the look of it.

The toilet seat now looks like your standard, non-shell toilet seat and the mirror looks like this:

Done-ish: Replace study screen door

The old study screen door was actually a storm door that we didn't have a screen for. We had intentions of putting a full screen door in its place, since you don't really need a storm door in Austin. But then we started letting our cat go outside. Then she sat at the by the door and meowed. All the time.

So instead we took off the storm door and fixed the old, broken doggy door (or in this case, kitty door) in the main study door. So now Pip (the cat) can come and go as she pleases.

RR stands for retro robot

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this record player is beautiful. Grain Edit featured their catalog and I recently found out they're remaking them as the Brionvega RR226 Turntable (and adding a CD player). I haven't found an American shop that sells them but everything I've read says they cost £4500 or €6000, which means I'll have to keep watching craigslist for a vintage one. I'm pretty sure the RR226 only comes in white, which is a shame; I think the wood look really adds something to it.

Here's a RR126 in action: