Thunderbirds Mid-Century Design

I mentioned how breathtaking the mid-century design in Thunderbirds is, but I wasn't able to find really good photos to prove my case. Much like the Thunderbirds themselves, modern_fred has come to the rescue, with his gorgeous models of Tracy Island, Tracy Villa, the Thunderbirds Round House and a few Thunderbirds launch pads.

Done: Solar screens on all windows

We knocked another two item off our to-do list: adding solar screens to the windows and opening the windows that were painted shut (which was all of them). With a little help from the City of Austin solar screen rebate, we'll be able to enjoy the cool fall breezes and crisp winter nights.

And, since this is Austin Texas, where the sun gets hot in the summer, it's nice to know that when that time rolls around we'll be using less energy to keep cool.

Mid-Century Design in Thunderbirds

I'm someone who loves mid-century design, but didn't grow up in the mid-century. So my reference points for things like mid-century doorknobs are the door knobs on Mad Men. Passion supported by the internet and other forms of media, not memory, is what keeps my mid-century fire burning.

My dad recently gave me the DVD set of Thunderbirds. It was one of his favorite shows when he was growing up; I only knew it as the show that Team America referenced/ripped off.

The mid-century design in Thunderbirds is amazing. As a small example, here's what the home, The Tracy Villa, looks like.You can also check out a cross-section tour of the Tracy Villa.

Every model, background, vehicle, etc in Thunderbirds is pure eye candy. Sadly there aren't a lot of high quality photos online to highlight the mid-century beauty, so you'll have to check out the DVDs for yourself. Luckily, it's a pretty decent show.

Mid-Century Austin, TX Home on Martha Stewart

The Home Tours section of Martha Stewart features a mid-century Austin ranch house that's worth every click.
The 1941 ranch house is a mix of modern and vintage touches located in Austin, Texas.

Crestview Doors Warehouse Sale

Fans of mid-century doors get ready, Crestview Doors in Austin is having a warehouse sale Saturday, October 23, 2010, from 10am to 4pm. There will be discounts on doorlite kits, individual doorlites, sidelights, transom windows and other items. And it's all at their warehouse at: 501 W Powell Ln, Suite 204, Austin TX 78753. See you there!

Mid-Century Austin Homes: 1015 E. 45th St.

Another peek inside a mid-century Austin home thanks to an old, not-yet-deleted realtor video.

Located in North Central Austin, this 1950s bungalow is a step back in time. With newly refinished hardwood floors, updated kitchen, central air conditioning and heating and a great back yard. This is just the place for a student or small family.
This one happens to be in my part of Austin, so I know it got a paint job a while back. It looks a lot better.

Broyhill Sculptra China Cabinet

I hadn't seen a vintage Broyhill Sculptra collection china cabinet before, so I'm excited to see one up for auction on ebay. I love the way the glass panes mimic the classic Broyhill Scupltra squares.Check out the mid-century cabinet pulls on it.

Mid-Century Exterior Paint Colors

I've been dreaming about painting our exterior trim some more. Grey with a door that pops is my current fav.

Medium grey with a green door could look nice.
Or maybe something a little lighter with a blue door.
Is it weird if the inside of your door isn't the same color as outside? I'm not sure how either of those colors would match the living room. What color would you paint the side; the interior color or the exterior?

Woodstock's Pad

Woodstock has a pretty swank mid-century house.

Mid-Century Exterior Paint

We've been talking about painting the exterior trim of our house. Neither of us is in love with the green.
We're going to leave the white because 1) we like it and 2) we don't want to turn this into a giant project. So I've been looking to color schemes, based on the main color of white, that look good and fit the time period of our house.

A soft or mid-tone grey with a door that pops could be really interesting.
Blue is a strong contender.
Black and white is classic, but might be a little stark.
We'd love to get some more suggestions.

Mid-Century Austin Homes: 1111 W. 31st

Another peek inside a mid-century Austin home.

The bathroom situation is a little weird, but I could live with it for a house like this.

Mid-Century Austin Estate Sale: 6108 Janey Dr.

There's a decent estate sale going on this weekend. The furniture, which is amazing and what got me in the door, is overpriced, but the smaller items - clothing, jewelry, accessories, household items - are going for a decent price.

Don't go looking for this brown purse though, it was one of the things that was under priced and it's in my wife's closet.

Here are the details:
6108 Janey Dr.
Austin, TX 78757
October 8 - October 10: 9am - 4pm

Mid-century Austin Postcards

It's hard to image what Austin looked like back when our mid-century ranch home was built. Luckily, we don't have to imagine because of these vintage postcards.

Can you spot what's missing in one of the postcards?

Another Vintage Broyhill Premiere Furniture Ad

Some more vintage magazine flipping and another Broyhill Premier ad, again featuring Miss Betty Pepes, noted interior decorator and house fashion editor.
The ad features a Broyhill Premier Gift Coupon for Petty Pepes' interior decorating book and tells you to choose the Concept collection "for timeless styling, fashion-right fabric." It's hard to tell, but it looks like there's a Broyhill Brasilia coffee table in the Concept section of the ad.

A Well Defined Area (Rug)

We're in need of a new living room rug.

Our living room is mainly espresso-colored wood furniture, with a brown couch and pops of orange, brick red and some deep yellows. And I think we found our rug.
It's got a funky mid-century feel, and a bit of a shag. I think it'll meld nicely with our warm, chocolate living room.

Here's what it looks like in a living room that isn't ours.

Mid-Century Monster

I've said for a long time that woot! has some of the best copywriting on the web. As a new parent, I'm addicted to kids.woot! now too. As a mid-century enthusiast, I got a giggle out of the first paragraph of their latest blog post.
Being a parent is fraught with emotion - pride, joy, irritation, disgust - but for me, anyway, there's one that can be more overwhelming than the rest: terror. The thrill of "Oh, wow, she took her first steps" becomes the agony of "Oh, my god, I never realized how deadly the corner of that table is!" Then comes terror's quieter but just as brutal cousin, guilt: "How could I subject my kids to the dangers of mid-century modern furniture? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER AM I?" Don't even get me started on the nerve-jangling, gut-wrenching ordeal that is a trip to the playground.

Mid-Century Austin Home Renovation: 5704 Lakemoore Dr.

Beyond the 5704 Lakemoore Dr. realtor video is this mid-century modern renovation video, so you can see all the remodeling work that went into it.

From the YouTube description:
Totally updated in the past 2 years including, but not limited to: electrical system, tank-less H2O heater, low flow commodes, kitchen, master bath & hall bath remodel, interior & exterior paint, fixtures, carpet & flooring, Low E Film on west-facing windows, COMPLETE plumbing overhaul.

Custom espresso-tinted brick herringbone floors, epoxy pebble floors and terrazzo in master bath. Silestone type counters in master/kitchen/hall bath.

Hall bath with soaking tub, Rhino casement window with view from tub, penny-round backsplash and Italian porcelain tub surround, Italian sconce fixtures, Kohler fixtures, custom made walnut floating vanity.

Mid-Century Austin Find: Mid-Century Coffee Table and Bar

A great piece on craigslist.

From the description:
Manufactured in 1963 it's an absolutely stunning original mid-century piece. This gorgeous table holds a secret: the top smoothly slides to reveal a bar compartment. The boomerang shaped tray/bottle caddy is on gliders and is pulled up and locks perfectly in place.