Mid-Century Kid's Book: Walk This World

Walk This World has the clean-line, mid-century look that feels right at home in any mid-century house, but also has all the modern-day travel lessons that every travel-themed nursery should encapsulate.  

It's beautiful on every level. Plus, what kid doesn't love a book that has pop-ups?

Broyhill Sculptra Desk on Austin Craigslist

It's not often that I see an unnamed Broyhill Sculptra desk on Craigslist these days, but this one is simply labeled "mid-century modern desk." Still, it's not the super deal you hope to find when you stumble upon an unmarked item. It's a little bit of a deal, but pretty close to market price for the Austin market.

Guess that just speaks to the aesthetic of the Broyhill Sculptra line. Even when sellers don't know what they have, they know they have something special.

A Message from Your Friendly Neighborhood Mid-Century Blogger

Hi readers (those of you that are left),

I do my best to make sure this site isn't about me, other than things I may be doing to my mid-century home, but after posting for five times a week for almost five years, I haven't posted in four months. That deserves some explanation.

Much like a certain West Philadelphian, my life got flipped-turned upside down. I went through a slight career shift to become a Sr. Content Strategist. I help my wife launch a new website for the best marketing firm in Austin. We're selling our first home – not the one you've seen on this site, the one we bought before this blog started and have been renting for a while. And a few other things happened that the internet doesn't need to know about. The long and short of it is, I had to select what I was going to focus on and as much as I love it, writing about mid-century stuff every day didn't make the cut. What started as a little break to keep my head above water turned into an extended sabbatical so I could keep the balance.

However, life is getting back to a normal pattern now, or it should be in the near future. With that, I'm hoping that my posting schedule will return to something closer to normal here on Mad for Mid-Century. I can't promise that it will be back to five posts a week for the next five years, but I can promise you that I think about posting every day and I'm going to start doing it more often than not.

Apologize for the break. Thanks for sticking around. And to new readers, I'll have something for you real soon.

Mid-Century Christmas Advent Calendar

This year we've added a new mid-century Christmas decoration to our living room, a vintage advent calendar. Instead of candy, this paper calendar has cute little illustrations under each day.

The artist signature looks like it might be "Lou H."

I don't know when it was originally from, but it originally cost 35 cents.

And it was made by Flair Import in Western Germany, which may be a bad translation of West Germany.

The mailing envelope has some pretty amazing illustrations on it as well.

It's been a great way to count down the season this year.

Around the World Travel Nursery Calendar

It's that time of year, time for a new calendar. If you're hanging the calendar in a travel-themed nursery, check out the Travel the World calendar from Anthropologie.

Your little one can be inspired by locations from around the world without ever leaving their crib.

The illustrations are fantastic too. Once you're done with it as a calendar, you can cut them out, put them in a frame and keep the inspiration flowing for years.