The Mid-Century Modern Art of Pyrex Designs

I've been hunting vintage Pyrex bowls at estate sales recently. They scream mid-century kitchen and look great even if you don't have a full set. 

Pocono Modern has an entire line of Pyrex-inspired art that you can hang right alongside your Pyrex collection. The Pyrex designs make a perfect transitions to paper, even when they're simplified and streamlined to give them a more modern look.

The good thing about Pyrex and Pocono Modern is that no matter what color your kitchen is, they probably have something that matches.

Mid-Century Exit Sign Typography

Sometimes you just have to look around you to find amazing mid-century design hidden in the details. This exit sign is in a 1950s building I'm in about once a week, but today was the first time I looked above the door to see it. I love the typography on it. The E that almost closes in a circle, the T that has a loop – you don't see signs like this much anymore in our sans serif, safe font world.

Mid-Century-Inspired Art by Human Shaped Robot

If the walls of your mid-century modern home could use a little more love and color, Human Shaped Robot has well-priced prints that can help. Their work has a modern grunge and pixel feel while still keeping true to its mid-century inspiration

If you want to add a little more kitsch to your kitchen, Just Like Moms is just for you.

Or if your media room needs something a little more analog, check out the Radio Dial.

Broyhill Facet Furniture Info

Sometimes you just have to wait for an answer. Sometimes you have to wait a while. Two years ago I got a question about the Broyhill Premier Facet furniture; a line I knew, and still know, little about. Recently though a reader was kind enough to point me to a listing on Urban Dwellers.

Urban Dwellers confirmed my assumption that the Facet furniture line was made sometime in the 1960s, but that's where things take a twist.
"Broyhill Facet was produced for less than one year before being discontinued, as the production cost was deemed too high. Almost no pieces from this series exist; a shame, as the design is entirely independent from the popular Brasilia, Sculptra and Saga series. The dresser is fashioned from a solid hardwood base overlaid with light-toned walnut veneer."
So there's good reason that there's little info about the Broyhill Facet line floating around; Broyhill Facet furniture wasn't around very long. Hopefully as more people see the line and fall in love with it (for good reason), more information will surface too.

Space Age Travel Posters from NASA

Nothing inspires the mind like travel, except maybe the idea of interplanetary travel. That's what makes these travel poster's from NASA the perfect addition to any kid's room. 

They're pretty clearly inspired by WPA national parks posters, with some influence by classic mid-century travel posters and maybe even a touch of Justin Van Genderen's work.

You can't buy them, but you can download print-quality versions here.