Laser Cut City Maps for a Travel Nursery

I've mentioned woodcut maps that would make a great wall piece for a travel-themed nursery. You can also get a laser cut city map for your travel nursery, but only if you're lucky enough to have a connection to one of five cities/boroughs.

Pop Chart Lab has laser cut city maps of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

If you're going to spring for one of these laser cut city maps, you might as well get the deluxe edition with the neighborhood outlines included. It adds a lot to the look of the map.

Mike Mignola Bride of Frankenstein Mondo Poster

I bought my first Mondo poster, the Mike Mignola Bride of Frankenstein poster. I'm a huge movie nerd, especially monster movies, and I have done my best not to fill my house with movie posters, but this one was too perfect to pass up. The flat comic book-style art, the anatomy in the background, the flowers in the foreground, both monsters – if you have only one movie poster in your house, it should probably be this one.

Custom Wood Cut Maps for a Travel Nursery

I just came across these woodcut maps by the aptly named Woodcut Maps. The global map woodcut remind me a bit of the Witco Map of the World.

Any of these woocut maps would be perfect in a travel-themed nursery. And they range in scale from world to country to state/county/etc to city.

At Woodcut Maps, you can even design your own using Google Maps. So you can map your home, your childhood neighborhood, that wonderful place you stayed in Italy or where ever.

Mid-Century Art: Arno Dufour

Arno Dufour is an illustrator and designer from Paris who recently came out with Splashes and Stripes.
I love this print, it reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein's Interiors work. Except, you know, exterior.

Mid-Century Globe Light at Austin Vintage Store

I was out Austin vintage store hoping and happened upon a mid-century globe light (hung above some great vintage cowboy boots).

A globe light like this would be the perfect centerpiece in any travel-themed nursery.