Our Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel

We knocked a whole lot of items off our to-do list with a complete remodel of the kitchen and nook, including removing the wall, putting in a breakfast bar, new (matching) cabinets, new counters, new ceiling lights, new (matching) floor, replacing the back splash with tile and fixing all the electrical problems.




The Mid-Century Modern Art of Pyrex Designs

I've been hunting vintage Pyrex bowls at estate sales recently. They scream mid-century kitchen and look great even if you don't have a full set. 

Pocono Modern has an entire line of Pyrex-inspired art that you can hang right alongside your Pyrex collection. The Pyrex designs make a perfect transitions to paper, even when they're simplified and streamlined to give them a more modern look.

The good thing about Pyrex and Pocono Modern is that no matter what color your kitchen is, they probably have something that matches.

Mid-Century Exit Sign Typography

Sometimes you just have to look around you to find amazing mid-century design hidden in the details. This exit sign is in a 1950s building I'm in about once a week, but today was the first time I looked above the door to see it. I love the typography on it. The E that almost closes in a circle, the T that has a loop – you don't see signs like this much anymore in our sans serif, safe font world.

Mid-Century-Inspired Art by Human Shaped Robot

If the walls of your mid-century modern home could use a little more love and color, Human Shaped Robot has well-priced prints that can help. Their work has a modern grunge and pixel feel while still keeping true to its mid-century inspiration

If you want to add a little more kitsch to your kitchen, Just Like Moms is just for you.

Or if your media room needs something a little more analog, check out the Radio Dial.

Broyhill Facet Furniture Info

Sometimes you just have to wait for an answer. Sometimes you have to wait a while. Two years ago I got a question about the Broyhill Premier Facet furniture; a line I knew, and still know, little about. Recently though a reader was kind enough to point me to a listing on Urban Dwellers.

Urban Dwellers confirmed my assumption that the Facet furniture line was made sometime in the 1960s, but that's where things take a twist.
"Broyhill Facet was produced for less than one year before being discontinued, as the production cost was deemed too high. Almost no pieces from this series exist; a shame, as the design is entirely independent from the popular Brasilia, Sculptra and Saga series. The dresser is fashioned from a solid hardwood base overlaid with light-toned walnut veneer."
So there's good reason that there's little info about the Broyhill Facet line floating around; Broyhill Facet furniture wasn't around very long. Hopefully as more people see the line and fall in love with it (for good reason), more information will surface too.