Hans Wegner Style Wicker Folding Chair

I went back to my childhood home recently and saw a chair that's been sitting in the basement forever. I remember it being the uncomfortable chair in the corner. (I'm not a huge wicker fan personally.)

But with older, wiser eyes I wondered if it was actually a Hans Wegner wicker folding chair. It has all of the looks, but none of the handles.

Turns out my parents don't have a hidden mid-century gem in the basement. This isn't a Hans Wegner folding chair, but it looks a lot like one and can probably be purchased for a lot less than a Wegner original. If wicker is your thing, this no-name chair might be a nice addition to the corner of your room. 

A Restor-A-Finish for Broyhill Furniture

I've used Restor-A-Finish on my Broyhill Sculptra furniture and many times since then. If you to want make some mid-century furniture look better, it's the way to go in my book.

During one of my recent (and frequent) trips to Home Depot, I overheard an employee recommend using a shade lighter of Restor-A-Finish than the wood you're putting it on, and to never ever go darker. Like paint, it's easier to start light and then go over it a second time with something slightly darker.

It's advice echoed by Mr. Modtomic, who suggests Golden Oak Restor-A-Finish for walnut furniture (like Broyhill Sculptra furniture).

The lighter shade fills in any damage, but doesn't highlight it. When you go too dark, all you see are the scratches. So here's my tip from the pros: Start lighter and go darker only if it still looks bad.

Mid-Century Kid's Book: This Is the World: A Global Treasury

I've mentioned This Is London before and we still enjoy reading it, but I just found out about This Is the World: A Global Treasury. It's a collection of the This Is... books and includes excerpts from: This is New York, This is Paris, This is Greece, This is London, This is Australia, This is Texas, This is Munich, This is Rome, This is Britain, This is Hong Kong, This is Israel, This is San Francisco, This is Edinburgh, This is Venice, This is Washington D.C., and This is Ireland.

It will be the next mid-century kid's book we buy and I'd suggest it for any little traveler you know.

HGTV on Netflix (Finally)

Just in time for a weekend marathon, Netflix has added some HGTV shows to the lineup, specifically Buying and Selling, Cousins on Call, Flea Market Flip, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Income Property, Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Rehab Addict, Selling New York, and The Brian Boitono Project.

To be honest, I feel the same as Liz Lemon about House Hunters

But I am looking forward to the rest of them, and I'm really hoping that they add Holmes on Homes soon.

Another New Desk at Late Night with Seth Meyers

I've mentioned the evolving Late Night with Seth Meyers set and desk, and a reader recently pointed out that they tore the whole thing down and started from scratch. New backdrop, new desk, new chairs, new everything.

The desk is a solid modern piece with some metal flourishes and looks like a desk from a Conan set, which is a good thing. I think Conan had some of the best talk show sets out there. The guest chairs look like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. But, Seth kept some of the mid-century look with a Eames Aluminum Group Executive chair for himself.

It looks more like classic talk show set, especially with the city skyline background. Seth actually addressed the change on the show. As much as the internet may have hated the old set (I guess I was one of the few who liked it), they can't hate on his backstage design.