Another New Desk at Late Night with Seth Meyers

I've mentioned the evolving Late Night with Seth Meyers set and desk, and a reader recently pointed out that they tore the whole thing down and started from scratch. New backdrop, new desk, new chairs, new everything.

The desk is a solid modern piece with some metal flourishes and looks like a desk from a Conan set, which is a good thing. I think Conan had some of the best talk show sets out there. The guest chairs look like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. But, Seth kept some of the mid-century look with a Eames Aluminum Group Executive chair for himself.

It looks more like classic talk show set, especially with the city skyline background. Seth actually addressed the change on the show. As much as the internet may have hated the old set (I guess I was one of the few who liked it), they can't hate on his backstage design.

Colorful Mid-Century Modern Exterior Doors

I was out for a walk in the neighborhood and crossed paths with a few colorfully painted mid-century modern doors.

I love the mint green color and unique window on this one.

And yellow really pops against a gray house.

I also love the modern address numbers in the window.

More Broyhill Sculptra to Ogle

I love seeing other people's Broyhill Sculptra setup, like this Sculptra bedroom set. The accessories on top are a great match and really bring out some fun in the set.

Mid-Century Art: Ralph Cosentino

Having a great mid-century modern aesthetic as well as a love of super heros and movie monsters lands Ralph Cosentino right in the middle of the Venn diagram of things I love.

His work would be perfect in a super hero nursery or on any wall in a modern home that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Or on the couch.

Even if you're looking for more of a space age feel, Cosentino's art has you covered.

Lego Mid-Century Modern Home Set

When I was drooling over Lego Ferris Bueller house, I listed off a few modern home Lego sets that are available (since you can't actually build the Ferris Bueller house unless you're a Lego genius). But they might be a little pricey (and hard to build) for your typical toddler.

As I was walking the aisles of my local big box store, I noticed that the standard Lego family house set has a nice mid-century modern look to it. It might not be Fallingwater, but, much like the mid-century homes people actually live in, it's a good second place.