Mid-Century Christmas Advent Calendar

This year we've added a new mid-century Christmas decoration to our living room, a vintage advent calendar. Instead of candy, this paper calendar has cute little illustrations under each day.

The artist signature looks like it might be "Lou H."

I don't know when it was originally from, but it originally cost 35 cents.

And it was made by Flair Import in Western Germany, which may be a bad translation of West Germany.

The mailing envelope has some pretty amazing illustrations on it as well.

It's been a great way to count down the season this year.

Around the World Travel Nursery Calendar

It's that time of year, time for a new calendar. If you're hanging the calendar in a travel-themed nursery, check out the Travel the World calendar from Anthropologie.

Your little one can be inspired by locations from around the world without ever leaving their crib.

The illustrations are fantastic too. Once you're done with it as a calendar, you can cut them out, put them in a frame and keep the inspiration flowing for years.

Hans Wegner Style Wicker Folding Chair

I went back to my childhood home recently and saw a chair that's been sitting in the basement forever. I remember it being the uncomfortable chair in the corner. (I'm not a huge wicker fan personally.)

But with older, wiser eyes I wondered if it was actually a Hans Wegner wicker folding chair. It has all of the looks, but none of the handles.

Turns out my parents don't have a hidden mid-century gem in the basement. This isn't a Hans Wegner folding chair, but it looks a lot like one and can probably be purchased for a lot less than a Wegner original. If wicker is your thing, this no-name chair might be a nice addition to the corner of your room.