"Yard" sale

Standing outside in 100 degree weather while people go through my old stuff doesn't sound like a fun time, so we're having our yard sale inside, where there's AC. In our yard sale is basically everything that we didn't want to move. It's our first yard/garage sale (not that we haven't sold stuff on craigslist and ebay) and I think it's a sign that we're old.

Would you come to this yard sale?

Edward J. desk

We almost picked up this desk for the study. We didn't in the end because it was a little skinny (depth wise) and because we have other stuff to do before we start replacing furniture we already own.

I just hope another awesome desk is available when we are looking.

Mirror, mirror

Both our bathrooms need new mirrors. The current ones are too eclectic for our plans.

We're thinking one of these for the master bath. It's a more masculine with dark natural stone throughout, so we're thinking of bringing some wood in to play into that.
For the main bath we're going for more of a minimal, uber-clean look.
This one's the front runner.But I like this one because it gives a bit of a spa theme.We'd love to hear your opinion if you have a favorite.

Is a very, very, very fine house

Some pre-house warming party photos. Still not totally unpacked, but getting there.

Front door
Most of living room
Living close in
Other side of living room
Other side of kitchen
Dog bowl
Formal dining
Formal from other side
Note the TP roll (I did that)
2nd bed (a bit empty right now)
3rd bed (guest room)
Master bed
Master bed, a bit to the right
Study, school's your buddy
Master bath
Happy kitty photos

New bath accessories

We had our house warming this weekend. In order to properly host we felt we should put up the common bath accessories in the main bath so we could have toilet paper and towels available to people. We have these hung in our bathroom now.


Hand Towel

Toilet Paper Holder
I also learned that behind the drywall in our bathroom is a concrete wall. And it's very hard to screw into a concrete wall.

The wire and the tube

We've had an electrician over at the house to fix all the things that showed up in the inspection report. The main parts of it were a new electrical panel outside and turning all the outlets that need to be GFCI (bath, kitchen, outside) to GFCI. Nothing to take photos of, but important stuff that makes sure we're safe and that the house doesn't burn down.

Electric and plumbing are the two things in the house that I won't touch because of the high amount of knowledge needed to do either correctly and the high amount of risk involved if you do it wrong.

The plumber is coming over this afternoon to check out a leaky pipe and to add a pressure regulator.

Replace pendant lamp in breakfast nook

We spent our first night in the house last night and we've been unpacking the past two days. Things are starting to fall into place. I'll start posting photos once there aren't random boxes all over the place.

The first item on the to do list worth taking a photo of has been done. I replaced the very small, glass pendant lamp in the breakfast nook with our large, black, metal pendant. I kind of cheated because I used the old electrical line instead of replacing it with the one that came with the new lamp. But Rachel and I decided the old line looked better because the grey matches the silver lights that are in the other half of the nook.