Done: Fix attic ladder

One of the steps on the attic ladder was a bit dodgy, the back half of it was broken. A little time and a little work and there's much less chance of someone falling down the steps now.

Done: Add protective sheeting near exhaust flues

Protecting wood from being too close to warm metal seemed pretty important, and a bit of protective sheet metal was all that was needed to do the job. The water heater closest outside is a safer place these days because all the wood near the exhaust flue is covered.

And if you're going to buy enough sheet metal for one job, you might as well buy enough for two jobs. So I went ahead and protected one of the beams in the attic from the exhaust flue near it. It's an exhaust flue that's not currently hooked up (it's left over from an old furnace), but it was on the inspector's report so I figured I'd knock it out while I had some sheet metal laying around.

New fridge and dishwasher

We were one of the lucky few who were able to get in on the Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate (cash back for buying energy efficient appliances). So we upgraded the fridge and dishwasher to much more energy efficient versions. We figured that while we were making that upgrade, we might as well upgrade to stainless steel as well - so they match the stove and microwave.

These are sitting in the kitchen helping us save on our water and energy bill: