Mid-Century Design in Thunderbirds

I'm someone who loves mid-century design, but didn't grow up in the mid-century. So my reference points for things like mid-century doorknobs are the door knobs on Mad Men. Passion supported by the internet and other forms of media, not memory, is what keeps my mid-century fire burning.

My dad recently gave me the DVD set of Thunderbirds. It was one of his favorite shows when he was growing up; I only knew it as the show that Team America referenced/ripped off.

The mid-century design in Thunderbirds is amazing. As a small example, here's what the home, The Tracy Villa, looks like.You can also check out a cross-section tour of the Tracy Villa.

Every model, background, vehicle, etc in Thunderbirds is pure eye candy. Sadly there aren't a lot of high quality photos online to highlight the mid-century beauty, so you'll have to check out the DVDs for yourself. Luckily, it's a pretty decent show.

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