World Map, Country Map and City Map for a Travel Nursery

If you're looking for a world map, country map or city map for your travel-themed nursery, than look no further than Famille Summerbelle. They have all three.

France is the only country map, but it's new so I'm hoping there's more to come.

London, Paris, New York and San Francisco all get city maps. Having visited most of these cities, the maps reflect just how complex and beautiful they are.

If you have a French nursery, you could do a world, country, city triptych. Hopefully others will get the same gorgeous option from Famille Summerbelle soon.

Broyhill Sculptra Dresser and Nightstand for Sale

If you're in the San Antonio area (or willing to make a drive), Jason has a pretty spectacular-looking Sculptra nightstand and Broyhill Sculptra dresser with mirror for sale.

If you're interested you can send Jason an email at: SOLD. If you hurry, you might be able to snag them before he puts them on craigslist.

Resene Mid-Century Modern Interior Paint Colors

Over the course of three years, fashion designer Karen Walker and Resene paint developed a line of mid-century modern interior paint colors. Karen said, 
I was searching for a worn sort of mood. I like colors that have a muted, burnished sort of quality, as if they were thoughtfully painted on walls decades ago and have faded to perfection in the following years.
Sounds perfect for anyone trying to find the right paint for their mid-century home.

To celebrate the line of paints, Resene commissioned some architectural models of mid-century modern homes and then painted them with the line of Karen Walker paints.

The paint looks great on models, I'd love to see it on real walls.

A Mid-Century Blogger Writes a Pocket Guide to Austin

By day and by trade, I'm a copywriter. I recently came out with my first product, a pocket guide for Austin, TX.

It's called Austin Sidekick and it has all the tourist spots and local hangouts listed, and a handy map to help you get around town. A few of my favorite vintage stores even made it in.

If you're visiting Austin anytime soon, you can buy it on Etsy.

Mid-Century Modern Shower Curtain with Gray Circles

Kelli wrote in asking, 
Love your shower curtain. Do you mind sharing where you got it? 
I've shared a list full of mid-century modern shower curtains, but I didn't link to my mid-century shower curtain because by the time I had it hung, the store had run out of stock – if I remember correctly it was West Elm, or it might have been CB2.

But I did track down another mid-century modern shower curtain that's pretty close to the look of mine,  the Carnation white shower curtain with gray circles.

The circles might not be as organized, but I think it still achieves the same look.

Mid-Cenutry Hairpin Legs Salesman Sample

I came across these Instagram-y photos of a vintage salesman sample for Gerber Legs and I had to share it. It's a great look at some real mid-century hairpin legs.

And some true mid-century tapered wood legs.

I have to say, the modern counterparts that I've seen do a great job of getting the look exactly right.

National Parks Map for Travel-Themed Nursery

I love the idea of bringing an interactive element into a travel nursery with this national parks checklist map by ElloThere.

It encourages travel, which is what anyone with travel-themed nursery is probably hoping to do and hopefully gets the kid thinking about the outdoors, nature and exploring on a bigger scale.

And if you're little explorer visits all the parks, you can reward them with this national parks wilderness explorer badge, also by ElloThere.

Atomic Ranches with Mid-Century Doors

These three atomic ranches are a close to mid-century housing perfection as you can get. The shape of the house itself, the mid-century doors and garages, the big windows, the stone and brick, the overhangs – it's all there. 

I'd love to see the real life versions of these homes. Hopefully there are still a few standing somewhere in America.

Mid-Century Modern Fence Ideas from Austin

I'm still in love with this wooden mid-century modern fence, but I was walking around Austin and spotted a few more mid-century modern fences ideas.

The two small boards, one big board pattern seems to be getting pretty popular, probably because it looks so good.

A modern metal fence isn't for me, but it could look great next to a uber modern house.

While technically not of fence, this old balcony has an interesting look which could be transfered to a fence.

It reminds me of the slats on American of Martinville furniture, which gives it instant mid-century cred.

Mid-Century Modern Kids' Books: Pantone Books and Gifts

One of my co-workers just had a kid, and when someone in advertising has a kid, the Pantone kid gifts start flowing. These modern kids' books and gifts would add some color to any baby's life.

Pantone Color Puzzles

Mid-Century Art: Miki Iwasaki

I took a trip to San Diego recently and while waiting in the security line at the San Diego airport, I looked up and saw Miki Iwasaki's Signalscape. Signalscape is 64 feet long and consists of 592 boxes of walnut, maple and cherry wood with motion-sensor lights in them.

Iwasaki has said that it's an abstract that doesn't really symbolize anything, which I take to mean it's art for the sake of something pretty on the wall. And that's perfectly fine in my mind, especially in an airport. 

One of the boxes sitting on the shelf of a mid-century home could look really nice and add an element of light and drama to a room. If I was any good a woodworking, I might just do that for my own mid-century ranch.

I felt a little weird taking photos in an airport, so here are some more shots from Miki Iwasaki's site.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Timers

I recently went on the hunt for a mid-century modern egg timer. There are more than a few options out there, almost all of them in stainless steel.

Ordning Kitchen Timer

But the cutest of the lot is definitely the Owlet Kitchen Timer

Saul Bass Inspired Monsters, Inc. Opening Credits

We've been watching a lot of Monsters, Inc. in our house lately. After seeing the intro so many times, I finally realized that the opening credits are essentially a Saul Bass intro. I've always loved Monsters, Inc. but now I love it a little bit more.

Broyhill Sculptra Dining Room Set for Sale

I honestly wish I needed more Broyhill Sculptra furniture, because one of the biggest lots I've seen in a while just came up for sale. If you're looking for Broyhill Sculptra for sale in Austin, hit craigslist soon.