Mid-Century Modern Fence Ideas from Austin

I'm still in love with this wooden mid-century modern fence, but I was walking around Austin and spotted a few more mid-century modern fences ideas.

The two small boards, one big board pattern seems to be getting pretty popular, probably because it looks so good.

A modern metal fence isn't for me, but it could look great next to a uber modern house.

While technically not of fence, this old balcony has an interesting look which could be transfered to a fence.

It reminds me of the slats on American of Martinville furniture, which gives it instant mid-century cred.


  1. I need to run around my neighborhood and snap some photos - I like in an MCM neighborhood with houses that often have little details like that porch railing. I need to document!

  2. Do you recall where you saw the modern metal fence? I'd like to go buy and size it up! I live in Austin, too. Thanks!

    1. I don't remember exactly where it was, but I'm pretty sure these photos were from a walk around the neighborhood behind Amy's on Guadalupe.