Wood Mid-Century Modern Fence

There have been a lot of severe storms in Austin recently. One storm was so strong that it broke the gate on our driveway. It wouldn't be a big deal and I'd probably just take the whole thing down, but we have a dog, which means that we need a gate. Replacing it has been on our to-do list for a while and it's  it's literally held together with string right now, so I'll probably have to replace it soon.

Replacing the gate probably has future implication on what the backyard fence on whole looks like when it gets replaced

And maybe the frontyard planters too if we want to carry the them to the frontyard, like authentic mid-century landscaping would

So I've been waiting for the perfect mid-century fence inspiration to figure out how I'm going to replace the gate. I think I found it.

I love the stacked look and it's really thick which makes it feel strong and solid.

And if you get a glance from the side, which you probably would with a gate, it still has a nice look.

I didn't have a ruler handy, but I think it's 2x4s on top of 2x6s with about an inch overlap.

I'm going to wait on the gate a little longer (the sting is holding up fine for now) so that we can come up with a complete plan for both the front and backyards, but I'm pretty sure this stacked wood mid-century fence style is going to play a role in the final outcome.


  1. I think the look is good, but creating a gate with this could be problematic due to the weight. Even normal fencing is subject to flexing and warping and you'll likely need some type of turn buckle cable to keep it square and avoid drooping.
    I have a double swinging gate and a single man door sized gate that I custom built quite a few years ago that I'm going to have to revisit soon...

    1. That's the problem with dreaming: Once it hits the reality phase you have to face facts like, "there are no hinges that could hold a gate that heavy." And you are absolutely right about the weight issue. Looks like it's back to the drawing board.