Mid-Century Color Palette in Comics

The Golden Age of comics was from 1838 to 1950 and I recently ran across these comic book color charts from that era. If you're looking for some mid-century paint colors, these could be an interesting place to start. Or, if you wanted to do a super hero nursery in a mid-century home these could give you a perfect mid century modern color palette.

I also ran across a comic book color chart from the modern age of comics, after they switched to Pantone coloring. 

If you are going to do a super hero nursery, this will give you the perfect paint colors, especially if you use Pantone paints.


  1. The Comico color chart is actually from the mid-80s. The 64-color palettes would be from mid-60s or so. Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, and Captain America all hail from the Golden Age of comics, but Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers didn't get kicking until about 1963.

  2. I have wanted to find comic books authentic paint colors for a long time... I searched but couldn't find those vivid hues in interior paint brands... Can someone help me to realize my dream? Thank You

  3. Hi is this thread still live? I'm looking for a unique colour palette for my new fabric range. Please do get in touch if there is any way I could buy the colour chart that has 'colour chart' written at the top? Kind regards Emma Hampson 0044 7947 157007

    1. Emma, that's just an old comics 64 colors chart. You can download a Photoshop file of those exact colors at the end of an article titled, "Color palette of glorious hues of the golden age of comics" by Cory Doctorow, at the BoingBoing site.