Mid-Century Art: Miki Iwasaki

I took a trip to San Diego recently and while waiting in the security line at the San Diego airport, I looked up and saw Miki Iwasaki's Signalscape. Signalscape is 64 feet long and consists of 592 boxes of walnut, maple and cherry wood with motion-sensor lights in them.

Iwasaki has said that it's an abstract that doesn't really symbolize anything, which I take to mean it's art for the sake of something pretty on the wall. And that's perfectly fine in my mind, especially in an airport. 

One of the boxes sitting on the shelf of a mid-century home could look really nice and add an element of light and drama to a room. If I was any good a woodworking, I might just do that for my own mid-century ranch.

I felt a little weird taking photos in an airport, so here are some more shots from Miki Iwasaki's site.


  1. Just wondering....why would you feel weird taking pictures in an airport?

    1. Taking a lot of photos in the security line just seems like a good way to get pulled aside for extra screening.

  2. The pics you did take are excellent