American of Martinsville Dania Bar

An amazing/anonymous reader/commenter pointed me in the direction of this brochure image for my American of Martinsville bar:

I looks like my mid-century bar is part of the American of Martinsville Dania collection. And it looks like I was right assuming that it was a piece that was intended to have many uses.

From the American of Martinsville brochure:
Just a few of the countless arrangements possible with Dania ... to make you a decorator ... with ease and originality! Mix 'em or match 'em for the drama of Dania.

Mid-Century Christmas Tree Decorations

We spent this weekend like many other people, eating too much and then putting up the tree. We got to break out the mid-century ornaments we bought a while back at an estate sale. Here are photos of our mid-century Christmas tree turned out:
It has some Charlie Brown aspects to it, but whatever tree we get has to fit inside of a Honda Fit if it's going to make it home with us. And it's pretty clear that we need to hit up more estate sales because we need more mid-century ornaments and a mid-century tree topper to complete the look.

Mid-Century Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Our kitchen remodel is a ways off, but like anyone with a remodel in mind I'm collecting ideas, links, photos, products, etc so that when the time comes I've got everything on hand to make my dream kitchen.

Rejuvenation's Satellite collection just got added to the lighting, cabinet knob and draw pull list.
The Satellite collection of Mid-Century Modern lighting and hardware embodies the simple stripped-down styling of the 1950s and 60s, and honors the purity of form + function. Once considered futuristic, these designs are now part of American history - yet still project a dynamic, forward-looking freshness that can add sparkle to your home.

Mid-Century Austin Homes: 6205 Treadwell Blvd.

When I was doing some research for my Allandale Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Austin post, I ran across this video.

This is exactly why a lot of mid-century home fans in Austin love Allandale; you can find homes like these with a lot of the original elements and details. With a little love, elbow grease and imagination, you can turn them into your mid-century castle.

The History of Eames Furniture

Here's an interesting look inside of the Eames' studio (and some pretty great catalog shots of Eames furniture).
Marilyn Neuhart, author of The Story of Eames Furniture, and her husband John have worked with the Eames Office in various capacities from the 1950s. Having been in close proximity to Charles and Ray Eames as well as the members of the Eames Office and their patron manufacturers for almost 30 years, the Neuharts had the extraordinary opportunity to absorb their stories. At their Los Angeles home, they tell the tale of working with Charles Eames.

Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Austin: Allandale

Allandale, Austin TX
If you ask any who's lived in Austin for any amount of time, they'll probably tell you that Allandale is the mid-century Austin neighborhood. Mid-century homes, especially mid-century ranches, are more the rule than the exception. Once outside of city limits and considered a northwest suburb of Austin, Allandale is now well within the bounds of what Austinites consider central Austin.

The Allandale neighborhood itself dates back to the 1930s. Going much farther back, the area was owned by George W. Davis, who was given the land in 1841 by the President of the Republic of Texas for his service in the battle at San Jacinto. Davis' decedents sold most of the 3,154 acres he was given, however a few still live in Allandale and the Davis family cemetery, a Texas Historical Cemetery, can be found within the borders of Allandale.

Housing Data From the 2000 census
Total housing units: 10,131
Homes built between 1940 and 1959: 3,721 (36.7%)
Median year built: 1964
Median housing value: $131,200
Median mortgage: $1,096
Household population: 21,206
Average household size: 2.14
Average family size: 2.78
Owner-occupied housing: 56.8%
Renter-occupied housing: 43.2%
Median age: 35.7

Allandale Neighborhood Association

Mid-Century Advertising Design

Aqua Velvet has a great post about two of my biggest interests: advertising and mid-century design. They highlight Max Huber, a graphic designer that I did not know about, but will so be doing a lot of research on. I love when ads look like something you could hang on the wall.

Are Mid-Century Homes Historic?

The neighborhood next to might, Hyde Park in Austin, is currently in the process of becoming a historic district. There's some debate on this issue as well as about when "historic" homes are:
Hyde Park's application lists 480 [historic] properties, though some neighbors have questioned whether all of them — such as ranch homes from the mid-20th century — truly have historic merit.
I have to assume that most people reading this blog think mid-century ranch homes are historic and worth saving. And as someone who lives in a mid-century home and on a street comprised largely mid-century ranches (rumored to all be built by the same architect), I'm in agreement. It will be interesting to see if the city of Austin is of like mind.

Mid-Century Austin Find: Broyhill Brasilia Dinner Table and Credenza

Uptown Modern, one of my favorite Austin vintage stores, currently has a Broyhill Premier Brasilia Collection dining table and credenza in stock.

Mid-Century Wall Tile

When HGTV put their spin on mid-century design, they did a lot of things wrong, but one of the things they got right, really really right, was these tiles.
Inhabit makes a modern design version with their Architect Wall Flats.
Wall Flats are Inhabit's take on a modern, eco-friendly wallpaper. A modern embossed three-dimensional wallcovering that is good for the environment. Does it get any better than that?

Mid-Century Austin Estate Sale: 3100 Scenic Dr.

If you're not spending the weekend at Comic Con or EAST, then you might want to check out this estate sale.
It's listed as having a Paul McCobb desk, an early Eames wire chair and a mid-century dining table that converts to a coffee table (which has to be an interesting piece).

I'm usually a little wary of estate sales that list anything by the designer name, there usually aren't any deals/finds, but you never know.

Here are the details:
3100 Scenic Dr.
Nov. 12 & 13: 10am-4pm

Mid-Century Austin Find: Broyhill Sculptra Headboard

There's an amazing vintage furniture find on Austin's craiglist. A Broyhill Premier Sculptra headboard and footboard, and a Broyhill Brasilia headboard and footboard.

HGTV Does Mid-Century

It's interesting to see what extended cable thinks mid-century modern design is.

To me it's like they had all the pieces of the puzzle, but put it together wrong.

Restoring a Mid-Century Kitchen

I'll be the first to admit that this eHow list is dangerously out of order (always install new cabinets before new countertops unless you want to install your new countertops twice), I'm glad it still exists because it gets people thinking about restoring a mid-century kitchen in a time-appropriate style.

Some key hints:
  • Chrome hardware and accessories
  • Formica countertops
  • Formica and chrome dining set
  • Simple wood or painted cabinets
  • Linoleum or black and white checker flooring
  • Retro fabric curtains

Broyhill Sculptra Bedroom Set

It's not often that you see the entire Broyhill Premier Sculptra bedroom set together in one photo.
It's nice to see store keeping keeping entire collections together.

Mid-Century Bird House

Here's a really cute weekend project: a mid-century birdhouse.

This what the atomic ranch style home looks like in the end.
Check out Curbly for full instructions and measurements.

Modern Love

Stuff White People Like is usually good for a tongue firmly planted in cheek laugh. The Modern Furniture post hit particularly close to (mid-century) home:
When white people envision their dream home, a key part of the fantasy involves a least one piece of furniture designed by a famous architect from the 1930s.

Architects like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier designed iconic modern furniture that has inspired virtually everything made by Ikea and Design Within Reach, both of which are key suppliers of furniture to white people.

Mid-Century Austin Homes: 1503 Larkwood

The video description doesn't give much info:
1503 Larkwood is a retro chic 1950s home in central Austin.

I love the knotty pine kitchen and original tile in the bathrooms.

Ads for Mid-Century Door Knobs

A few more amazing mid-century door knob advertisements.

Lock Fashions by Schlage (check out some other Schlage mid-century back plates)
National Lock Set
brings the modern mode to every doorWhether you're building, remodeling or buying a home...
Look at the latch
Be sure it reads - Kwikset