Mid-Century Monster

I've said for a long time that woot! has some of the best copywriting on the web. As a new parent, I'm addicted to kids.woot! now too. As a mid-century enthusiast, I got a giggle out of the first paragraph of their latest blog post.
Being a parent is fraught with emotion - pride, joy, irritation, disgust - but for me, anyway, there's one that can be more overwhelming than the rest: terror. The thrill of "Oh, wow, she took her first steps" becomes the agony of "Oh, my god, I never realized how deadly the corner of that table is!" Then comes terror's quieter but just as brutal cousin, guilt: "How could I subject my kids to the dangers of mid-century modern furniture? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER AM I?" Don't even get me started on the nerve-jangling, gut-wrenching ordeal that is a trip to the playground.

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