Late Night with Seth Meyers Desk and Chair

I like to think that mid-century furniture works anywhere. The clean lines, the rich wood tones, the beautiful legs. But the evolution of the Late Night with Seth Meyers set proves that's not the case.

The first Late Night with Seth Meyers desk was a classic example of a mid-century desk, but it was weird to see Seth roll around in his chair under the desk. And speaking of chairs, they had a gorgeous mid-century modern guest chair, but I think they ordered the children's size. 

Take 2: Seth got a solid desk so you couldn't see his feet dangling and his chair got an upgrade. They also upgraded to the adult size guest chair. But guests still looked a little uncomfortable.

So it was time to roll in the big plush chairs. And now it looks like a classic TV talk show set. And it looks a lot better. I guess late night shows are just a place that mid-century furniture doesn't work, which is weird because a lot of late night shows have a mid-century undertone and feel to them.


  1. Very observant!

    I do like the Eames Aluminum Group chairs used in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report...they seem to work. Different set-up though.

    1. Totally agree. I think it works because the guest is sitting at the desk/table and not beside it like most shows.

    2. Now he has a new desk with metal, veritcal fins. Anyone know the manufacturer of his different desks? I know the lounge chairs are Knoll Saarinens.