Shining Carpet Pattern Doormat

Two years ago I was on the hunt for a new doormat and I decided I wanted a Shining carpet doormat. The only problem was that didn't exist. A friendly reader pointed out that my problem is solved. Mondo Tees (an Austin favorite) taking pre-orders for a doormat based on The Shining carpet pattern

It's a bit pricey for a doormat, but if it's a solid doormat that will last for years, it's well worth it.


  1. I really like that doormat, and used inside it really should last forever, but I use mine outside where it gets full west sun in the afternoon. I'd be sick if I spent $85 and it was faded after one summer.

    1. I use mine outside too and that's exactly the problem. I can't see spending that much if I'll wear the pattern off in a month or two. They have an area rug too though, I just need to find a space to put an area rug.