Cheap Modern Address Numbers

It's become clear that my idea for a modern Eichler address plaque isn't going to happen. I can't find the Plane Numerals I need anywhere. So I've started hunting for cheap modern house numbers again.

If you've been looking for mid-century modern address numbers, then you no doubt know about these guys:

They're the Distinctions house numbers by the Hillman Group and they are the darlings of the cheap modern address number world. These modern house numbers are easily found at most Home Depots, but what you might not know, because Home Depot only carries them in brushed nickel and black, is that they also come in aged bronze

And polished brass

Since Home Depot has the Distinctions house numbers, I thought that'd be a good place to start. And boy was I right. Home Depot has an online exclusive Architectural Mailboxes address number that come in a wide variety of finishes that would be perfect on any modern home.

So right now the main contenders for the address numbers on my mid-century ranch are the Distinctions address numbers, the Architectural Mailboxes address numbers and a Modplexi address plaque.


  1. Really like these! Thanks for posting - I am heading to Home Depot tomorrow.

  2. Done ...

    1. They have some great numbers, especially if you have a Eichler home or one of similar fashion.