Mid-Century Modern Address Numbers

My original idea to replicate authentic mid-century address numbers was to do an Eichler-style address plaque, and if I can find the right numbers, that's still the plan. But the mid-century address numbers I had in mind are sold out at the one source I could find. So I went hunting for new mid-century modern address numbers. I'm not sure I've found the perfect house numbers for my mid-century ranch, but any of these would look good on your mid-century modern home.

Neutra address numbers from Modern Dwell Numbers

Avalon modern house numbers from Atlas Homewares

Domicile house numbers from Chiasso

Paragon modern house numbers from Atlas Homewares

Palm Springs address numbers from Modern House Numbers

Metropolitan Retro modern house numbers from Atlas Homewares. These would be perfect for any atomic ranch home.

Neutra address numbers and Eames address numbers from Heath Ceramics

A modern address plaque from Modplexi

If you have glass on or near your door, there's this Helvetica address number window cling from House Number Lab

Side note: I tried to limit these mid-century modern address number options to a budget that I thought was reasonable (~$20 per number). If you're willing to spend more than that (upwards of $100 a number) there are plenty of other options out there, including custom numbers in almost any font.


  1. Great resources! Thanks for doing the legwork for the rest of us.

  2. The numbers used on the Modplexi example can be found at Home Depot if you are into DIY.