Tex Avery House of Tomorrow Cartoon

A little disclaimer to open this post: While mid-century design and mid-century furniture are incredibly gorgeous, some of the values of the time are ugly and sexist. The House of Tomorrow was made in the 1940s and reflects the gender issues of that time. It's is not totally politically correct, but I think it has validity as a comical look into the future from mid-century eyes and a neat look back at mid-century design and cartooning. If you watch the The House of Tomorrow video below, please do so with a gain of salt and keep in mind the period in which it was made. I love all my readers and don't want to offend or disparage any of you (especially any mother-in-laws in the group).

All that being said, if you know anything about cartoons, you definitely know Tex Avery. I was recently trying to track down some of this cartoons that I loved as a kid (specifically The Car of Tomorrow) and happened upon this The House of Tomorrow cartoon.

It comes from a series that includes The House of Tomorrow, The Car of Tomorrow, The Farm of Tomorrow and TV of Tomorrow, all of which are spoofs of live-action promotions that were popular at the time.

There are some really neat design elements to spot throughout, especially: the outside of the house, the rocket ship on top of the radio, the counter and sink in the modern bathroom and the new toaster.

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  1. That cartoon was way fun...I sent along to my wife as I know she will love as well!