Our Mid-Century Modern Door

Our mid-century modern front door is finally all finished. You got a sneak peek a while ago, but now it's painted and done. And boy does it feel good to be done.

The Crestview Door kit worked out great. Although, they've recently started selling complete doors and we probably would have gone that route if they were available when we bought the kit.

The Mad Men door knob and square mid-century door escutcheon turned out perfect.

And the inside looks great too.


We decided to go with white on the inside because it goes well with the gray walls, and that blue would have been too much for the interior.


So, after picking our mid-century modern exterior paint colors, narrowing down the mid-century modern color palette for the door, deciding on which way our Crestview Door should point and tracking down the mid-century door hardware, the door has finally shut on the journey of our front door.


  1. Looks wonderful! If I didn't have an arched doorway to deal with, I'd be all over this.

  2. That turned out really nice! Really makes the front of the house pop!

  3. The door and hardware look great. You made ideal choices.

  4. What specific color did you end up picking? Looks terrific!

    1. We went with Behr Tropical Tide for the blue door and Behr Antique Tin for the gray around the door (and all the other highlights on the house).

  5. for your door paint, what finish did you use - flat, satin or high gloss?
    latex or enamel?

  6. Satin enamel. Personally, I think flat is too hard to clean and high gloss is too shiny.