Mad for Mid-Century Door Knobs

As any mid-century enthusiast does, I watch Mad Men and droll. My latest in-show obsession is a rather small background piece, the escutcheons on the office doors (the square door plate behind the knob).
I love the circle knob contrasted with the square plate. I'm already picturing how good something like that would look on a Crestview Door.

I found a modern version of the Mad Men door knobs.


  1. i couldnt agree more!

  2. Ohmagosh!How did ur eyes divert from that fabulously dressed Don Draper to even notice the door knob? Lol. I'm a fan of the atomic star backplate for my little dining room MCM project. While watching Masters of Sex I have been able to notice the delicious mcm decor, but Bill Masters bow tie and suspenders hardly distract like Don and Roger do. ; ) Mia

  3. Ye ye, but we still want to know where to get those knobs here!