Suburban Mid-Century Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams has the Suburban Modern line of paints as part of their Historic Collection. This mid-century modern color palette comes in both interior and exterior shades.

Sherwin-Williams explains the entire Suburban Modern line:
The optimism that followed WWII is reflected in the colors of the era. Bright, clear colors made a strong and upbeat statement that went hand in hand with the clean, simple lines of the mid-century modern homes springing up in suburbs throughout the nation. Offset the rich ambers, avocado greens and inky blues of the Suburban Modern Palette with neutral tones and aluminum or stainless steel accents for a sleek, contemporary style.
The interior Suburban Modern colors
With clear, cheerful colors, the 1950s exhibited a new American outlook. The exuberance showed up on the walls as striking shades like chartreuse and organic shapes like boomerangs.

The exterior Suburban Modern colors
The war was over and Americans were ready to settle down and enjoy the simplicity and prosperity victory had brought. Homes became smaller, more alike and more easily produced. And the brighter, sunnier colors they were painted reflected a newfound optimism.
The interior color palette is a little bright and pastel for my taste, but I can see a lot of them working as a highlight or accent colors.

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  1. I love the coral. I wouldn't mind doing my door that color.