Vintage Ads for Mid-Century Stains

I mentioned Cabot stains back when I wrote about mid-century paint colors for Eichler homes. And I recently ran across these vintage ads for Cabot, featuring Joseph Eichler and Eichelr homes.

The ad reads:
[Cabot's Stains]
"...go on better, look better, and last longer than any other stains"
...says Joseph L. Eichler
Leading Western Builder

This ad reads:
Stain... or paint?
Often a new home is simply painted with no consideration given to staining. Experienced builders find it pays to know the advantages and limitations of each... the effect, performance, and cost on wood surfaces inside and outside the home. Cabot's Stains, for example, answered all requirements for the home shown at the right. Here's why more and more builders are specifying...
Cabot's Stains
  • Economical — 1/2 the cost of paints.
  • Require no priming coat; are easier to apply and maintain.
  • Need no thinning; surfaces need no scraping or sanding.
  • Trouble-free — no cracking, blistering, or peeling.
  • Penetrate deeply, dyeing and preserving the wood fibers.
  • Enhance the beauty of the wood grain; leave no brush marks.
  • Offer unique color effects in a wide color range.
  • Grow old gracefully, may be stained or painted over later.
For best results, the best in Stains...
Cabot's Oil-based or Creosote Stains.

And this ad reads:
Cabot's Ranch House Hues®
Endorsements from leading builders such as Mr. Eichler are your assurance that with any Cabot product you get the finest quality, greatest economy and longest life.

Cabot's Ranch House Hues
  • cost only 1/2 as much as paint
  • won't crack, peel or blister
  • are easy to apply and maintain
  • give years of protection
  • can be used on all types of wood — siding, shingles and trim
  • need no thinning — no priming
  • need no sanding — no scraping
Choose from 18 modern colors — many exclusive with Cabot including Alcazar Brown, Mariposa Redwood, Mimosa Yellow, Spruce Blue.

A quality product from Cabot Laboratories
...manufacturing chemists since 1877

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