Eichler Mid-Century Exterior Paint Colors

I'm always looking to add to my list of authentic paint colors for mid-century homes. Which is why I was happy to run across this article about Eichler mid-century exterior paint colors and the modern paint colors that are matches.

For the truly authentic look, there's still the option to use Cabot stains, which still produces some of the original Ranch House Hues stain colors - the semi-solid stains that were used on Eichler houses - just use the name after RH. For those looking to paint, the name after BM is the Benjamin Moore paint color equivalent. The DE is the original Dunn-Edwards paint name, but they have all been discontinued.


  1. Every time I think about painting my front door again, I can't make a color choice, and then I remind myself that I really want to replace it with a Crestview. I've decided on the Throckmorton in mocha. Now why isn't choosing paint that easy?

    1. Love the Throckmorton - or any Crestview door really.

      I think paint is so hard because there are just too many options, which sounds silly, I know. But I do think it's a true case of The Paradox of Choice. Every time I pick a color I have a "oh, would it look better one shade lighter" or "what if I painted the opposite color" or "will painting this mean I have to paint something else later" debate.