Mid-Century Spaceship House on a Volcano

Looking for an evil lair and want to live in the middle-of-nowhere California? Then this is the house for you. Set on top of an inactive volcano and looking very much like a spaceship, The Volcano House is currently on the market.

The home was completed in 1968 and designed by architect Harold Bissner, Jr. to resemble the information center of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Concrete and truss beams form its dome and give the interior 360 degrees of windows and a circular entertainment area.

1968 might not fall into everyone's definition of mid-century. But this home was too cool/wacky not to share.


  1. This place is gorgeous! 1968 is definetely mid-century!!

  2. That house is crazy cool...but you're not kidding about its being in the middle of BFE.