Modern Bathroom Sconces

The next item on our to-do list that I'm planning on tackling is replacing our master bathroom mirror-side lights, so I went on the hunt for modern bathroom sconces. I thought I found the perfect chrome wall sconce right away, at Home Depot.

I bought two of them and started installing them. That's when I remembered it's always good to measure before you buy things. The hole in the wall for the electric box/wiring is 5" wide, and this particular modern bathroom wall sconce is 4.25" wide. In theory, I could patch part of the hole to make it smaller, but that would mean a lot more work and repainting the whole bathroom because we don't have the master bathroom paint color (the old owners painted it).

So the hunt began, and I thought I'd share what I found.

The Essex Bathroom Light

The Maxim Lighting Silo Wall Lamp

The George Kovacs Cubism Collection Wall Sconce

The Kenroy Home Mezzanine Sconce

The Sea Gull Lighting Bliss Light

The Alico Industries Moderno Bathroom Light

The Hinkley Ashley Sconce in Chrome

The Ellery Single Bath Light

The Kichler Lighting Cylinders Bathroom Light

The Murray Feiss Riva Bathroom Light

The Lite Source Wall Lamp

But in the end, the winner was: The Hinkley Midtown Wall Sconce

They're on their way now and I'll be sure to share before and after photos once they're installed.


  1. Man, do I ever understand that particular problem. The hole cut over my sink is as big as a dinnerplate...and it's in the wood cabinetry, so I've pretty much had to buy whatever had a huge ceiling plate. Hope you find something you like that will fit.

  2. Thank you for saving me days of searching!!!!