Moe Light Honeycomb Lighting

A reader/fellow Moe Light enthusiast was kind enough to send in some glamar shots of a few Moe Light Honeycomb lights.

Moe Light Honeycomb Pendant Light

Moe Light Honeycomb Pull Down Pendant Light

Moe Light Honeycomb Wall Sconce

Moe Light Honeycomb Ceiling Light

I am in love with this line of lights. I'd love to see a modern lighting company make modern-day reproductions.


  1. I'm totally smitten by the pull-down model. So pretty!

  2. I'm glad you like my lights-- that was my house in the left column of photos. I still have the big pulldown but sold all the others. I know where they went-- to MN to one buyer, he must have 10 of them by now.

  3. i have three of the ceiling lights for sale...

  4. I have the same ones for sale but in blue green yellow colors

  5. Hello I'm looking for 2 Blue & Green
    Moe honeycomb Pendant lights to hang above my bar.