Frank Lloyd Wright Restoration: The Westcott House

I recently ran across this documentation of the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott house. It doesn't include any Frank Lloyd Wright paint colors or Frank Lloyd Wright color palettes, but it does have some interesting photos of original tiles, sinks, fixtures and the like. Plus, it's just nice to see outstanding building like this brought back to life.


  1. Durable Restoration must be miracle workers. The finished home is unbelievably beautiful.

    Seeing what can be done to save an architecturally significant building makes me all the more sad that my city may be about to lose an A. Quincy Jones building at the hands of an owner who wants to tear it down and sell the land for another eyesore of a McMansion.

  2. Amazing restoration work! My hats off to everyone that made this happen! Sadly, it doesn't happen often enough and many great buildings have been lost over the years...I can only save furniture but love the post...

  3. I couldn't agree more on both counts: That was a fantastic restoration job and more cities should treasure their important/influential/interesting buildings.