Frank Lloyd Wright Paint: Taliesin Palette

In 1955 Frank Lloyd Wright developed a line of home products specifically for people who didn't live in one of his homes. It included furniture, fabrics, rugs, wallpaper and a selection of 36 paint colors from the Martin-Senour paint company.

And these are the Frank Lloyd Wright selected paint colors:

Searching at Martin-Senour's site, it doesn't look like the carry these colors anymore. But they might make for some good inspiration.


  1. You find the best, coolest things, you continue to amaze and inspire me

    1. Thank you. And thanks for reading. I'll do my best to keep inspiring.

  2. PPG Paints has revived this line of colors. It looks slightly expanded with some lighter shades included. See for the list. They also have the color palette for the Falling Water home. Both are linked from