Modern Growth Chart

With an ever-growing little one running around the house, we decided it was time to get a growth chart. We wanted it to be a modern growth chart that would fit with the look of our mid-century home, and with the look of our travel-themed nursery. The closest thing to a true travel-themed growth chart that we could find was the Big City growth chart:

But it seemed more suited for a transportation-themed nursery. So we thought about going for a mid-century growth chart, and found two wonderful Alexander Girard growth charts. Alexander Girard was the head of the fabric and textile devision of Herman Miller, so anything with his fabric designs on them would fit perfectly into a mid-century home. I love the Love Heart growth chart:

And the Sun Moon growth chart is great too:

But they're on pre-order only right now, and their expected ship date isn't till July 2012. And our little one will have done lots of growing by then.

So we turned to etsy. Two etsy stores deserve a callout for having multiple modern growth charts that could work in any mid-century modern nursery: Giraffes N Stuff and Milk Moon Kids.

We almost went with the EleFUNt modern growth chart:

Or the Vintage Bicycle modern growth chart:

But we ended up going with the Galactically Grown personalized modern growth chart:

I think any of those last three, while not being specifically travel theme, fit incredibly well in a travel-themed nursery.


  1. I think you made the perfect choice! I may have to buy one of those for my grandsons. So cute!

    1. There are plenty of cute growth charts out there. If you do end up buying one, start with etsy. That's where the cutest ones are.

  2. Although my kids are long since past that stage I'd certainly love to have to do over. Nice choice!

    1. Thanks, we're really happy with it and it looks great in the room.