Austin Renegade Craft Fair Round Up

The fam and I stopped by the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. We got out of there with only buying a t-shirt, but there were plenty of talented artists who we plan on buying from in the future. Luckily most of them had business cards out. Here's a list of the craft people we thought were worth remembering:

Brainstrom Print & Design
Their America Atlas posters would be perfect for any travel-themed nursery and their Science Set is pretty sweet too.

Clint Wilson
His dinosaur prints would add a nice modern/mesozoic touch to a kid's room.

Some sweet jewelry.

Scarlett Garnet
Some more sweet jewelry, these with a mid-century flavor.

Fern Works
Let's just say there was a lot of great jewelry at the Renegade Craft Fair.

Illustrated Ink
I've been looking for some good, tattoo-inspired art, and I think I found it.

LIttle Things Studio
Some really eye-catching patterns and prints.

The Weekend Store
I have no real need for cufflinks, but I love the romanticism of them. If I were to get some, I'd have a hard time picking between their map and typewriter key cuff links.

Fuzzy Ink
A mustache with guns. Need I say more?

The Medium Control
For advertising/font nerds: a Futura shirt. For mid-century design nerds: a classic mid-century chair shirt.

Empire Press
Posters that remind me of Jay Ryan's work.

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