Mid-Century Ugly to Mid-Century Elegant

My better half did the website design for Spruce, a furniture redesign/upholstery shop here in Austin. And she recently took one of their BYOC (bring your own chair) classes.

We found this chair on craigslist for $25

And after the class it looks like this

A pretty sweet transformation. And it looks really nice living next to our American of Martinsville bar.


  1. I have this exact chair I bought from a thrift store for about $15. I refinished and covered it as well. Looks great

    1. It's a great little chair. Too bad the original fabric was so blah. But I'm glad to hear that there are others out there getting a second life with better fabric.

  2. I love this found the same chair for $1 thrifting today I'm gonna re upholster it too

  3. I got this same chair today thrifting for $1 I'm gonna re upholster mine too