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Truth be told, I generally don't read articles that I have to click through to in my feed reader, which usually means that I only read the first half of an Apartment Therapy post (or just look at the pretty pictures). But I was stuck on one particularly pretty picture.
Sure, the dog's super cute, but the painting is what got me obsessed. I liked it, and in the back of my mind I knew who did it, in fact I was pretty sure I owned some of his work myself, but I just couldn't place the name. So I clicked through to read the article and home tour in hopes that the author would mention the artist. And boy am I glad I did.

They don't mention the artist of the painting, but they do have a list of artists/art work in the home. I'm 99% sure that painting is a Jay Ryan. And I was right in thinking I own a print of his, "Running with Scissors" is in our guest bedroom.
I got to meet Jay and pick up a print at Flatstock Austin a few years ago.

Beyond that, I found out that the home belongs to an artist I enjoy, Clay Ferguson (FERG) and that he lives in Austin, which I didn't know before reading the article.

And as I was flipping through the photos of the home tour I realized, I know this house, it's only a few blocks from mine. And then I remember, I've shopped a garage sale at this house. Not sure if it was the Ferguson's garage sale or if it was before they moved it, but those are the kinds of things that make me love Austin. It's packed with interesting people and you never know how or when you're going to stumble upon them.

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