Modern Fan for the Mid-Century Home

We need a new fan in our place. Our bedroom fan is functionally broken - meaning you can either have the light on or the fan on, not both. We've compensated by bringing a floor fan into the room, but Austin summers are coming up and a fan and light will be nice.

We started out with a giant list of options, from uber modern to old school. And we slowly whittled things down to these:

Hampton Bay Alida

Hunter Contempo

Design House Torino

Hampton Bay Winthrop

The Hampton Bay Marlton came in a close second place, but we weren't sure the nickel look would work with everything else in our house and it might be just a little to industrial for us

So we ended up landing on the Hunter Altitude. It's the perfect combination of subtle feel and modern look (and light and blades that work at the same time)

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