Cheap Hairpin Style Legs

Besides reupholstering a chair, while my better half was at Spruce they also reupholstered an ugly stool that we've had sitting around the house. It has a good kidney shape, but it had an ugly dark green fabric on it. I promise I'll share photos soon.

But now that the fabric is looking better, we needed to find better legs to put on it and while I was on the hunt I came across something that won't work for us, but could work for a lot of other mid-century projects out there.

They're inexpensive legs that remind me of hairpin legs.
And you can find them at Home Depot.

Sure they're not as nice as original hairpin legs, but they're about half the cost. And if you're looking to do a cheap and dirty restore of an item, they just might fit the bill.

Update: You can't buy these hairpin legs at Home Depot anymore. But you can still order them from the maker, Waddell.  Sadly, the 15" version is no longer being made but you can still get the 28" version.


  1. We have those same legs on our hutch. They look a lot better when they are painted black.

  2. Wow, that does look a lot better. Love that hutch.