Glass Mid-Century Modern Jewelry

While in Portland, I wanted to pick up something special for my wife. While walking around the Saturday Market, a large open-air market, I happened upon Fred Imhoff's booth, Glass Drops. The name says it all, his jewelry is gorgeous little glass droplets, and it has a very mid-century and mid-century modern look.

I couldn't take my eyes off of one of the necklaces, so I knew I have found that something special. The necklace I bought is a slightly brighter version of this glass necklace.

He does three styles of glass jewelry: a three droplet necklace, a five droplet necklace and earrings. All of them would look fantastic with a Mad Men dress or a sleek modern outfit.

Imhoff's glass comes in variety of tints and twists, so you'll be able to find a set that matches any outfit.


  1. Lucky wife! I love the asymmetrical look of the three-drop version, and it sounds like the color you chose was fantastic.

    1. That's why I went with the three droplet necklace, the asymmetrical is so pretty in person.