Original Broyhill Sculptra Price Sheets

The reader who was nice enough to send me a copy of the Broyhill Sculptra brochure that she found in her parents Sculptra dresser also happened to have a uncle who was a Broyhill Sculptra dealer. So when she sent along the Sculptra brochure she also sent along a copy of the original Broyhill Sculptra dealer price sheets.

I've never seen anything like this, for any Broyhill line of furniture. It's amazing to see what Broyhill Sculptra furniture sold for in 1960. All the pieces have a fairly standard retail markup, about twice the cost of the dealer price.

It clearly shows that some pieces were built to order. For example, my Broyhill Sculptra dresser with six drawers, without the Sculptra box motif, is actually two functional drawer chests on a double platform base. It would have cost $159.85 in 1960; more than the standard Sculptra double dresser ($109.95), which might be why it's harder to find these days than the standard dresser. Or there may have just been less made, since they were build to order.

It looks like you could also mix and match buffets, credenzas and room divider bases with different tops (bookcase, etc).

The Manga dresser stands out as expensive for its size ($159.95), costing more than the Sculptra desk and the nine-drawer dresser (both $149.95). That probably accounts for its extreme rarity today. Same goes for the Sculptra canopy bed, which is one of the smallest beds, but the most expensive at $139.95.

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  1. This is awesome to see the prices for these wonderful pieces from the 1960's!. My parents still have the same Broyhill Sculptra bedroom set that was purchased new around 1965. This was a real treat to see - thank you!