Charley Harper Travel Art

I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Charley Harper. He has some of the best kid stuff out there. He doesn't have a lot of travel-themed art, but he does have a few pieces.

Where East Meets West

Brazil Airlines, 1951

Redwood Drive Through

They'd be a great addition to any travel-themed nursery wall. His posters for the National Park Service would also fit the bill. You can learn more about them here.


  1. Glad too see St Louis represented there. I'd love to have that one framed.

    1. It's hard to pick a favorite of those three, but if I had to pick one to put on our walls, that'd probably be the one. I love the symmetry of the piece and the second arch created by the wagon. Plus, there's a bird, which I would definitely want in a Harper piece if I owned one.