Schlage Color-Accent Doorway

Here's what the cross hair Schlage Color-Accent backplate looks like in real life.
As their vintage ad says
"Color-Accent" is achieved by placing color behind an open-back escutcheon to contrast with door surfaces, harmonize with adjacent walls, or complement any part of the doorways. Schlage's original open-back stylings let you create the effect - by applying your favorite paint color, cutting a texture to size, or even placing a leftover piece of wallpaper behind the lock. The possibilities are unlimited and you are the designer.
This designer decided to leave it plain and it still looks fantastic. While I love it, I think we'll stick with the Mad Men door knob plan.


  1. Those backplates are for 5 inch setback locksets, hard to find today. I've rebuilt mine a couple of times from pieces of new and old sets. This doorknob setback really makes the mid-century look, instead of the knob being close the the edge of the door as in homes today. My place is a 1958 built ranch.

  2. 5 inch locksets can be tricky to find. (For anyone looking, Crestview Doors carries one.) But if you're going to go all out and authentic, it's hard to beat the look. I think they look especially good on mid-century ranches, since the rest of the front exterior tend to be a little more plain and simple.