Broyhill Sculptra Furniture Ad

I found this Broyhill Sculptra collection advertisement in the Tuesday, March 3, 1964 edition of the Red Bank Register (from New Jersey).

The text reads:

Sculptra Collection...
"Imaginative interiors for imaginative people"

No surprise ... to find such interesting styling in fine-grained walnut. For Foam Interiors makes a point of timeless styling to enhance your way of life. No surprise to find such a variety of pieces ... from unusual room dividers to a modern poster bed. And, naturally, you'd expect such quality details as pieces with "Corolith" tops that look like slate but will not crack ... as a new type of ball-bearing construction so that drawers glide with ease no matter what the weather. But if you glance at the prices shown here—you're in for the always-pleasant surprise that good taste need not be expensive. Tomorrow, see Sculptra and you'll see one of the finest furniture values in years.

shown above:
Triple Dresser, 66" wide 149.00
Framed plate glass mirror 39.00
Master Chest, 42x17x43" 119.00
Bookcase Bed 99.00
Night Stand, 24x15x23" 44.00

Make it a point to stop in for Foam Interiors' free brochure on Sculptra's dining and bedroom groups.

Now I know there's a Broyhill Sculptra furniture brochure out there, I just need to find it.


  1. We lucked out and found this exact bedroom set from an estate sale in Houston.

    Ages ago, I saw a brochure for sale on ebay, but it accompanied a piece of Sculptra furniture. I would have bought it separate if it was available

  2. What a great find! It's great to see all the pieces together in one room. Love the lamp too.

  3. This is great! Thanks for posting it. We just got in the Sculptra room divider, side table + buffet.

    Check it out:

  4. Wow! Those are gorgeous. I've never seen a Sculptra room divider or that version of the side table. Would you mind if I used one of your photos to link to your flickr gallery? I'd love to share your amazing finds with my readers.

  5. I just found a desk that goes with this set at a thrift shop for $65. It's in very good condition and I was excited to see this information :-)

  6. Wow! $65 for the desk is quite a deal. We picked up the Broyhill desk when we found it at a vintage store here in town:

  7. Still fibbing, they were. Pecan is not "american" "walnut". But pecan (same as in the Brasilia line) is beautiful and uniquely colored in its own right. Outside of a few pieces on the doors, it's all pecan. And the grain can get very wild on the sides of some pieces.