Broyhill Premier Vintage Furniture Ad

Another interesting find while flipping through some mid-century magazines.
The advertisement copy reads:
Let Broyhill Premier turn "how" into "know how"

200-page complete guide to home decorating ... 25¢
Let Broyhill Premier, outstanding furniture manufacturer, show you how to decorate with confidence. First with "The Personal Touch in Interior Decorating" by world famous authority, Betty Pepis. A guide to principles of good taste and individual planning. Then with the modern and classic groups of furniture, designed by Broyhill Premier, to bring lasting beauty to your home. For the Betty Pepis book, please send 25¢ and your name and address to Broyhill Premmier, P.O. Box 554, Lenoir, North Carolina. We will also send you colorful brochures of leading Broyhill Premier furniture collections.

Now, beyond looking for a Broyhill Sculptra brochure, I'll be keeping an eye out for "The Personal Touch in Interior Decorating."

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