The Dark Side of Austin Homes

I share this video for two reasons:
  1. If you don't want an 5' pig statue in your yard, don't move to Austin.
  2. When we were on the market for our current home, there was a house for sale in Travis Heights that was well below market value and I asked our realtor about it and he said, "I've been inside that house and there's a tree in the kitchen." And because that's such a surreal statement that you think he's exaggerating, I wrote back and said, "Look at the price. If we have to do some intensive yard work, it's still worth it. Even if there are some roots or something we have to dig up, it's still worth it." And, to his credit, he wrote back and said, "I know you love a house that needs some work, but this one literally has a tree in the kitchen. If you want to see it, I set up a tour this weekend."
My wife talked me down (out of the crazy tree), but watch this slightly NSFW video (because you'll find porn boxes in every foreclosure) to see what our realtor helped us avoid.


  1. I'll never un-see the clowns. I have to admit that went back several times to look at the tree though.