The Hunt for a New Mid-Century Cocktail

A while back I went on a hunt for the perfect mid-century cocktail to serve at home. I thought the Moscow Mule was the answer, but I overestimated two things: how much I like ginger beer and how much other people like ginger beer. I made the switch to ginger ale but the drink lost something and it wasn't unique enough to be a signature house drink anymore.

So I went on the hunt again and came across the Zombie. It's an authentic tiki bar drink, but way too complicated to be our standard dinner party drink. Anything with seven ingredients, an umbrella and some fruit is too much work. I'd be making drinks all night and never get to mingle. But next time I'm at a tiki bar, I know what to order.

So I'm still on the hunt for a signature cocktail that I can serve at home, one that won't keep me trapped in the kitchen all night.


  1. Back in the 60s, my favorites were Whiskey Sours, Harvey Wallbangers and Tequila Sunrises.

  2. Sloe Gin, Gin and Sprite and you've got yerself a Sloe Gin Fizz that sounds swanky, looks fantastic in retro barware and tastes amazing.