Mid-Century Drinks

I've been thinking recently that our mid-century house should have a classic mid-century drink that we serve when we have guests. Knowing myself, I knew it had to be easy  two, maybe three, ingredients. I also wanted to use organic ingredients if I could. I am in Austin after all. So I went on a hunt for classic mid-century drinks and I found a few great sources.

This 1950s Fleischmann's Mixer's Manualthis 1959 How to Make 32 Popular Drinks by Southern Comfort and this Mad Men cocktail guide.

Looking all these mid-century drink manuals over and walking the aisles of my local liquor store to see what my organic liquor options are (vodka and nothing else) I landed on one drink: The Moscow Mule.

It's a bit obscure, which I like. If a home is going to have a signature cocktail, it should be memorable and maybe something the guests have never had before. And it's easy to make: ginger beer, lime juice and vodka. And it can then be dressed up with some mint and/or a slice of lime.

My kind of drink. If you stop by, you might find us on the front patio sipping one.


  1. Sounds like fun to offer your own signature cocktail. When my husband and all his buddies came back from Viet Nam in the 60s, we mixed whiskey sours in 30-gallon trash cans...probably not nearly as classy as what you're doing...:)

    1. Maybe a little different, but I'm hoping to have as much fun as I'm sure they did.